Cannabis sativa care
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HO KARAN relieves your skin and mind thanks to the natural relaxing powers of hemp.


Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species. Distinction is made between industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) which is legal, and marijuana (Cannabis indica) well known for its recreational use.


Hemp is an ecological and multipurpose plant. It requires very few inputs to grow (water, fertilizer, pesticide) and all parts of the plant are useable in sectors as diverse as building materials, food or cosmetics.


The proportion of omega 3 and 6 is naturally much more higher in hemp oil than in argan, avocado or coconut oil. Its exceptional moisturizing, strengthening and firming properties make it essential to fight against dehydration, razor burn and to help slow the natural aging of your skin.


– Natural
– Made in France
– Multipurpose
– Adapted to the needs of men and women
– Vegan
– With organic hemp oil
– …guaranted without THC!
– What else ?

For your skin.
For your wellness.
For our planet.

Stress and pollution in the cities have negative effects on urban people’s skin and everyday lives. HO KARAN relieves your skin, body and mind thanks to the natural relaxing and strengthening powers of hemp.

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